Latest addition to Canczechdogs family!!


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DOB NOV 1, 2013

PEDIGREE available to view on Pedigree Data Base

Our newest arrival from Slovakia. She comes with an distinguished and rare ZVV2 title.

Aba has adjusted well to her new home life and has stepped up front and centre in the new AppleTV+ series 'SEE' we have been working on. She has taken to film work like it was her calling. She is balanced, clear minded and willing to work through the toughest scenes. I am truly impressed with her solid, adaptable, kind and loving nature.

Her first introduction to film life was to run beside and in front of 4 Friesian horses with oddly dressed warriors upon their backs plus 45 oddly dressed running warriors on foot. Within 5 minutes it was like she was raised with horses and on a movie set! Look for her leading the army on a up coming TV series
with her K-9 co-stars: 'Rolo', 'Bjori' and 'Tex'. It is expected to be released this fall.

We bred Aba to
Corado z Vetrovje Luky (Rush) (frozen semen) and expect puppies April 1, 2020

This litter has shown such promise that we did a repeat breeding

Pups from the last litter:

So far all reports we have of the pups are great!!

- Two are with Police officers and are doing great.
- Rama has a great home with Jason Mamoa.
- Heston stayed home with us and is turning out to be all I was hoping for.

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Jason Mamoa and Rama 6 Month old

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Hero's earlier picture

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Heston, Tony's pup, chilling in his backyard 9 months old