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It is said "The Apple does not Fall Far from the Tree", based on our years of experience there is no truer saying when it comes to our dog Xly.

As a general rule genetics tend to get watered down over time, having said that, Xly has inherited not only his famous Sire's (Corado z Vetrovej lúky) strength, courage and composure.
But also that of his Legendary Grandsire
Hoky Va Pe and his equally Legendary Great Grandsire Tyson von der Schiffslache.

Much like his ancestors Xly is a serious and competitive working dog.
It takes an experienced eye to observe that, when he is not working Xly can relax with his family while still aware of any potential threat.

Xly possesses the rare combinations of balance and drive that every professional breeder strives for throughout their years of perfecting the breed.

Apparently Xly's first litter of pups didn't fall to far from the tree either, from all reports to date, his legendary genetics continue to be passed on to his progeny.

We feel blessed to have not only Xly, but his Sire Rush in our lives.

Feed back we got from Xly's first litter

September 22, 2014
Hello Tony and Katie

I wanted to thank you again for the opportunity of using your great stud “Xly”
Actually witnessing Xly work was the deciding factor in implementing him into my breeding program.
Many other studs had been offered to me but I had a specific goal in mind. And being able to train with Canzcech dogs I was able to see the strong points and short comings of my girl Bailey and where I needed to improve.
It was evident in his impressive pedigree that the traits and genetics of his ancestors had been passed on to Xly.
I wanted puppies with a very stable temperament. Pups that were able to live with the family but also have the ability to protect “with training” if the need arises. Xly being a very serious, yet stable dog filled this role.
Xly is strong male with great confirmation and coloration. The dark sable dogs are some of the prettiest dogs in the world and Xly has it all along with a beautiful blocky head. He has a deep hard bite with an excellent grip. Xly is extreme and powerful in protection while still being clear headed.
The characteristic of Xly & Baileys pups was very evident within weeks of their birth, their confidence and intelligence was amazing to observe.
I have had outstanding reports not only from the pup's new owners, but also from the trainers that the new owners have taken their pups to. From all accounts, Xly's pups have a very promising future ahead of them.
I highly recommend Canczechs Xly to any German Shepherd breeder interested in improving their lines.
Jack Wisse, Von Zuidland German Shepherds