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Welcome to our web site. We are serious professional dog trainers
Based in Vancouver, Canada.

We have provided top dogs for many applications through out the world for past 30 years. To those of you that know us we need not say any more, to those that don't, we promise you will not be disappointed with our dogs and our work.

We specialize in Elite Personal and Professional Protection Dogs.
Before purchasing a dog from someone else, come and see a professionally trained CanCzech Dog.
Then decide.


For all those that have asked.

Yes it was Kel and his pup Slater in the movie

“The Interview”

Picture of Tony and Kel on set below

Kel, was a fourth generation of our breeding program that was in the movies.

Tony and Kel on set of the Interview

Zeke, 5th generation of our breeding on set of the

“Last Ship”

Kel was in that show as well, he took down the bad guy

050 IMG_1263.JPG


Our stud dog "Rush" Corado z Vetrovej lúky
Is on temporary assignment in Europe. Rush was escorted back to Slovakia by Tony Nikl and (LEO) K. Quist I80 K9,

While Rush is temporarily under the care and control of a Senior Slovak Police K9 Officer/Trainer, some of the top Sport competitors/breeders made arrangements to have access to Rush for stud service as well.
Tony & Dep. Quist spent ten days with various Police Agencies in Slovakia and surrounding areas, exchanging information and new techniques. They must have done something right because the Slovak Police have applied for a budget to have Tony return to Slovakia at their expense and provide their K9 Officers/Trainers with a seminar. Teaching Defensive work for Police dogs and Foundation work for Police dog puppies starting from birth.
The Slovak Police, like the RCMP in Canada are one of the few that actually breed and raise their own pups for eventual Police Service work.
Obviously, in certain locations.... video/photo's were not allowed for security reasons. Sport enthusiasts may recognize a well known competitor (working Rush) who was very impressed with him


K9 “Talu” now working as a PSD

K9 “Mufasa” has now completed his training
under the expert guidance of i80 K9 Services
He is now a certified PSD and is hard at work

Canczech’s Solo is Mufasa’s maternal grand father

G Hoky Va Pe is Mufasa’s paternal grandfather

Link to CANCZECH’s SOLO’s impressive pedigree

Our boy SOLO has been chosen for the cover of a book called “Wonder Dogs” 101 German Shepherd Dog Films. We are very proud of SOLO’s accomplishments. From excelling in movie work to working as a Narcotics Detection dog.
Solo is as good with children as he is working along the riot squad taking down bad guys.

!!!Wonder Dogs now available!!!
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Solo & Tony chilling on set of “Ace of Hearts”

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